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Rights maintenance

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In order to protect the interests of users and maintain corporate credit, SAN GROUP uses a new anti-counterfeiting mark of one thing and one yard to ensure the authenticity of the products and allow users to use SAN GROUP products with peace of mind.

Steps to identify product anti-counterfeiting labels:

First: WeChat sweeps the QR code on the anti-counterfeiting mark, scratches the coating, and enters the last 5 digits of the security code to easily check the authenticity of the product.

Second: SAN GROUP Engineering Supporting Equipment Co., Ltd. provides the Certificate of Origin and the After-sales Service Commitment with the red stamp. Please ask the furniture manufacturer, instrument company, installation company and other dealers.

Third: Please go to the “Enterprise Honor” page of SAN GROUP's official website to inquire about various certifications and certificates to ensure the purchase of authentic SAN GROUP products.